Favorite Spotify playlists for the trainer

I’ll be the first to admit I love the trainer. It allows me to focus on my structured workout. I can go jersey-less, helmet-less, glove-less. I can line up all my water bottles along the windowsill. And the best thing: I can blast my music without having to worry about cars or people.

Here are some of my favorite Spotify playlists for the trainer:

I’ve been listening to this one the most recently because it’s on the top of my playlists. It’s easy to access.

I listen to this one on medium-to-hard workouts if I need a little more motivation to finish out a workout.

I haven’t listened to this in a while, but I’ll play it when I’m focusing on endurance. Endurance rides can get boring since watts and pace are constant. This one is fun to sing to oldies.

Another playlist to motivate myself when I’m lacking motivation.

I play this playlist before every race. These songs get me jazzed and pumped before stepping to the start line.

This is another good one for workouts that are simple to follow and I want to be able to sing along.

I listen to this when I have a hard session ahead of me, like interval training. Rarely do my intervals pair perfectly with the songs, but they’re fast enough to keep my legs spinning and energy high.

This is another playlist I’ll listen to when I have a very challenging workout to complete. Sometimes you just gotta hear that bass drop to push through a VO2 max interval.

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