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I believe that if you work hard enough for anything, it’ll be yours. I push myself daily – striving to be the best – and I want to help others succeed.


  • NASM-Certified Personal Trainer
  • Schwinn Cycling Certified Spin Instructor
  • AHA-CPR AED Certified
  • Bachelor’s Degree in English
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science
  • Master’s Degree in International Security and Conflict Studies

What Others Have to Say

It’d be hard to top the week Jessica had last week. She podiumed back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday. Then followed up with another podium at the TT on Wednesday. It’s no easy task to podium in a road race, criterium, and time trail in a year, much less in a week. GREAT work, Jessica!

Dan SchradPresidentpedal RACING

Your stories of how you had no idea where racing will take you in the few short years you have been racing and amazed by your own progress this year to podium at so many races is inspiring!!! Thank you for being so supportive as I figure out racing this season and hanging with me on our crazy 70+ mile ride in the winter to Cherry Creek TT clinic and then back home. I appreciate your posts and efforts as a team leader to create a wonderful sense of team!

Melissa O’Kelly

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Online Training

For people who are comfortable with strength training, have access to some form of fitness equipment (weights, bands, gym membership), have no current injuries or medical conditions, & want the flexibility that comes with training with a coach online.


With a Bachelor’s degree in English and an avid reader, I’ve written my own book, blogs, and have had a professional position in copywriting and social media for the past five years. My capabilities include: Research & Analysis, Social Media Strategy, Proofread, Edit, and Maintain Website Content, Proposals, Newsletters, Blogs, & Articles.

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