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A podcast where I chat with fellow WTf (Women/trans/femme) athletes who are kicking ass and smiling through defeat and victory in their sport. My hope is that this podcast will encourage you to stray outside your comfort zone, to think about the world differently, and to accept people for who they are.


Episode 8 | Intrinsic Motivation

Right now we’re setting our 2019 goals or we’re creating fucket lists. 

Motivation is high at the beginning of the new year but where will you be in June? Will you have reached your goals, halfway to it, or gave up? 

I give you 5 tips to keep you intrinsically motivated in this week’s podcast:

1. Focus on improving performance 

2. Ask yourself “why you race?” Or why do you do the thing you do? 
3.Stay positive
4. Practice mindfulness
5. Add long-term and short-term, big and small goals

I also recommend The Brave Athlete. Find it here

Episode 7 | Start Small – Interview with Katie Macarelli

There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes. That’s what Katie Macarelli would say. Katie is a local Colorado hero in the cycling world and I spoke to her on today’s podcast episode. She was one of my inspirations to start commuting to work. I remember seeing the pictures she’d post on Instagram of her gear or being positioned on the bike, snow on the driveway, with s big smile on her face and thinking, “if Katie can commute to work, why can’t I?” In this episode Katie and I talk about how she started commuting to work, the gear she uses, and her proudest moment of commuting. If you’ve ever considered commuting by bike or are just curious how much fun it can be, give it a listen.

Episode 6 | Performance Efficiency with Food – Interview with Heidi Strickler

Heidi loves empowering and educating her clients, and walking with them as they chase and achieve their goals. She believes in, and practices, a whole food approach to nutrition. “Regardless of what eating lifestyle you prescribe to, the majority of your food should be whole, unprocessed, foods. Food is medicine. Each person is different, and there is not a single diet that will work for everyone. 
Email Heidi: heidi[at]enrgperformance[dot]com
Buy her book “The Plant Based Metabolic Efficiency Recipe Book” here.

Episode 6 | If You Build It, They Will Come – Interview with Ash Hall

In Episode 5, I interviewed an old teammate, Ash Hall about their favorite kind of bike racing – alley cats. We learn why some people are given tables at checkpoints and how urban races are way more gender inclusive than any other race right now, like incorporating a WTf category. We also chatted about their experience racing under USAC/BRAC, having to choose between two sexes, and the bullying they endured at road races.

Episode 5 | Learn to Suffer – Interview with Kate Bennett

Dr. Bennett and I discuss how she got into sports psychology and the conversation really focuses on mindfulness and how developing that can help us perform better in athletics.

Episode 3 | Race to Fail – Interview with Anna Dorovskikh

I sit down with Anna, a Cat 2 cyclist in Boulder, Colorado who’s not just a friend, but my competition. She’s humble, encouraging, and is a self-coached athlete. We chat about her moving from Russia to Colorado when she was 10, how she got into cycling, what her training consists of, and her favorite failure.


Episode 2 | Give Yourself Grace – Interview with Stacey Richardson

An honest discussion with Stacey Richardson about her mental health struggles and how she continues to excel as an athlete and individual.

Episode 1 | Be Gracious When You Fail – Interview with Angela Pitzer

In this interview, I speak with my teammate, Angela, about her successful virtual racing in the CVR World Cup. She was one of the Top 10 female Zwifters brought to California to compete in the final competition.

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