Product Review: Topeak Prepstand X

I recently tested out the Topeak Prepstand X and here’s a quick review:

1. Setup was fairly easy minus a user error. Either the instructions weren’t clear enough or my mind wasn’t comprehending the pictures. I didn’t understand where I needed to put the skewer and the adapter pieces. I connected the adapter pieces on to the stand and didn’t know how the front fork was supposed to sit on it sturdily. After a couple “wtf” I managed to figure out that you need to put the adapter pieces on to the stand and use your own skewer to hold the front fork in place.

Topeak Prepstand X

2. Once I slid the front fork back to accommodate the size of my bike and rest the bottom of the down tube on the plastic, all that was left was to secure the frame with a plastic strap. I don’t have a chainkeeper so my chain had to dangle. It would have been nice if one came in the box of the Topeak Prepstand X.

Topeak Prepstand X

3. It was easy to move the Topeak Prepstand X up and down. They even have pictures on the levers so you know what you’re about to do. My favorite functionality was the swivel lever. On my other bike stands, to wash the other side, I’d have to walk around the bike, usually hauling all the brushes and water with me. With this Topeak Prepstand X, I pulled a lever and swiveled my bike around. I know I enthusiastically said, “oh, sa-weet!”

Topeak Prepstand X

Topeak Prepstand X

4. As I washed my bike, I noticed I couldn’t clean the bottom of the down tube that rested on the plastic of the Topeak Prepstand X. That’s where other bike stands that hold the bike by the seatpost get an extra point because the underside of the bike is usually the dirtiest.

Topeak Prepstand X

5. It was simple removing the bike off the Topeak Prepstand X. I thought I’d fumble around. I noticed after my bike was off, that there was a pool of water in the area that secured the bottom of the down tube so I had to angle the stand to dump it out. The whole stand needed to be wiped down actually. Compared to other stands that secure the bike by its seatpost, this added a few minutes of extra work to dry it off.

Topeak Prepstand X

6. Once the Topeak Prepstand X was dry, I collapsed it in on itself and loved how compact it became. It was about hip height (I’m 5’3) once everything was collapsed and secured. It made storing it (with my very limited storage) a breeze.

Topeak Prepstand X

With my very limited and novice knowledge of bike stands, I’d give this an 8/10. Points for swiveling and compactness and points removed for having to clean the stand afterward and not being able to clean the bottom of the down tube.



Accepts bikes with quick-release fork or 12 x 100 mm, 15 x 100 / 110 mm, 20 x 110 mm thru-axle forks


85 cm – 145 cm / 33” – 57”


Three QR clamps


HD folding 6061-T6 tubes


6061-T6 tubes / Aluminum


18 kg / 39.7 lb


86 x 25 x 16 cm / 33.9” x 9.8” x 6.3” (Folded) 

120 cm / 47.2” (Base Diameter)


4.9 kg / 10.8 lb


Height adjustable 

90 degree up/down angle adjustable 

Fore and aft adjustable, 360 degree rotatable 

Optional Tool Tray 

Optional carry bag

For more information and to search for locations to buy the Topeak Prepstand X, go here.

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