Here’s why I’m starting a Patreon account & asking you to contribute to it.

I’ve been writing blogs since 2014. I do this on my own free time and pay an annual fee to keep my site alive. I do it because I want my words to inspire people, to change how we think, and to be real.

I’ve since started a podcast and pay to use Soundcloud’s hosting services. Again, I do this because I want to connect people throughout the WTf (women/trans/femme) cycling and athletic community. I want to create a space for WTf athletes to share their stories and hopefully inspire you.

I’m asking you to subscribe like you do (like I do) with Netflix, Spotify, and Strava. It doesn’t have to be a gianormous amount – anything helps & keeps me motivated to continue to volunteer my time and money to provide my community with stories, knowledge, and connections.

Huge thanks to these wonderful people:

Curtis Hong

Jenifer Nenoff

Gary Robinson

Sean Metherell

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