Wandering Notions: Protect your energy

Energy is contagious. You know when you hang out with angry people, you slowly become more angry? Or when you spend time in high-stress environments you become more anxious?


Stop spending time in places and with people who suck. 

I’m sure you’ve heard “We’re the average of the five people we spend time with” by Jim Rohn. Take a quick inventory of the five people you are around the most. It’s okay, I’m having a hard time counting up to five people too. 

Earlier this year, I realized I was taking on responsibilities or doing things for the status, not for the fulfillment of them. And I saw how my stress shot through the roof being around people who gave zero fucks about my fulfillment or my status.

I was lead to believe I had support in my endeavors. I trusted the people around me. When it came down to it, I was left alone, the rug pulled out from under me. 

I stuck around because of ego. I kept doing things I didn’t want to do with people I didn’t want to be around. It sapped my energy. All I wanted to do was sleep. But I had obligations, responsibilities, bills. 

I wasn’t protecting my energy. You know, that feeling you have when you’re in certain environments. When we don’t protect our energy, we’re likely to catch whatever energy is hanging over us. It’s like a cold. When you see someone smile, you feel a little bit better. When someone’s mean or rude, you feel a little bad. 

When you’re constantly around certain energy, that can become your MO. Happy environment = happy person. Negative environment = negative person.

The more I let go of things and people and responsibilities that gave me so much god damn anguish, the less clouded I felt. When I enter new environments, I’m more conscious of the energy there. 

Focus on your growth. Focus on how you want to feel and cut loose anything that makes you feel otherwise. 

What'd you think?