Women’s Cycling Bibs – Pactimo Ascent Halter Review

Intrigued by Pactimo’s Ascent Halter women’s cycling bibs, I purchased two pairs during their Black Friday Sale. As an ambassador, I receive a 30% discount but their Black Friday Sale was steeper.

I know plenty of women who don’t like bib shorts because they have to essentially disrobe in order to go to the bathroom. The idea of a halter top bypasses the undressing because, in theory, you can skip the halter over your head, do your business with your upper body layers still on, and slip the halter back over your head when you’re done.

Like anything I test, I first try it on the trainer. That’s what I did with these women’s cycling bibs.

With a jersey

I don’t wear jerseys or shirts when I’m on the trainer so disrobing to use the toilet isn’t an issue but I tested it regardless. I stuffed my jersey like I normally would on an outdoor bike ride.  There wasn’t much to it. It wasn’t complicated.

Unzip you’re jersey and pull the halter over your head. I noticed when slipping the halter back over my head I took a second to spread the fabric flat against my neck so it didn’t bunch with my jersey. I zipped my jersey and I was done.

On the trainer

Pactimo says this is a short-to-medium distance bib and my trainer workouts usually last 90 minutes to two hours which I’d consider fitting within their time frame. 

With Zwift on, I pedaled in my bike room. 

The chamois

The bibs fit just like any of my other Pactimo women’s cycling bibs. The chamois stays in place, protects my vulva and sit bones, and I haven’t noticed any scratchy or bunching seams. It’s worth noting that I’m in a static position on the trainer and I’d noticed irritants a lot faster than if I was outside Mori g more around on the saddle. The fact that I was totally comfortable during my 90-minute bike ride shows that this is built to be used on the bike and the halter doesn’t impact the quality of the rest of the bib.

The leg bands

I wear a size small but I have thick thighs and I appreciate the width of the leg bands. The wider elastic leg band, the less sausage leg I have. I don’t feel conscious about my thick thighs inside these bibs. I can also say Pactimo women’s bibs have outlasted any other brands in the fabric thinning department. My thighs tear through the insides of cycling bibs but haven’t been able to with Pactimo yet.

On the other hand, while Pactimo says the elastic band prevents the legs from running up, mine still do. They rise a couple of inches during my trainer ride. It’s not an issue inside but I could see this being a problem if I have leg/knee warmers on and the leg rises up. The second thing worse to sausage leg is exposing your upper thigh when there’s a gap between the start of your leg warmers and the end of your bibs.

The waistband 

I also dig the high waistband. The reason why I dropped shorts and started riding in bibs was to prevent muffin top. When I first put them on and the edge was a little below my belly button, I was concerned. As soon as I was seated on the bike, the bib shorts naturally rose over my belly and keeping everything flat as if I was wearing Spanx. 

There are a number of brands whose women’s cycling bibs exacerbate the muffin top with edges that stop far below my belly button. It’s a constant struggle of pulling up and tucking in. But not with these Ascent halter bibs. 

The halter

Now for the only issue I had with it.

The halter was actually a little annoying. I noticed the extra pressure behind my neck instead of around my shoulders. The first few times I wore it, I kept pulling the fabric away from my neck in hopes of relieving the pressure.

The more I’ve worn the halter cycling bibs, the more I’ve gotten used to the band behind my neck. Either the elastic has stretched a bit or my body is just used to the feeling now. 

Are the Pactimo Women’s Ascent Halter Cycling Bibs worth it?

Yes as long as the halter continually gets more comfortable. I can see the benefit outdoors for women. Not everyone’s comfortable going shirtless and walking around in their sports bra. Not to mention, trying to find a clean spot to store your jersey while you’re in the toilet. Sometimes there’s a hook but a lot of times, there isn’t and having to place my jersey on the floor of a porta-potty always disgusts me.

If you like the Spanx aspect of women’s cycling bibs and the convenience of shorts, you’ll dig these Pactimo Ascent Halter Bibs.

And for being a reader, get yourself a discounted pair with my Ambassador code: JMCWHIRT19

Price: $170.00

Buy them here.


  • Affordable 
  • No sausage leg
  • No muffin top
  • Halter is easy to slip on and off


  • Takes a few rides to get used to the pressure of the halter on your neck


  • TotalFit™ with MITI® Vector & Shield fabrics
  • Flash technology
  • Designed with Silhouette™ Articulation and contoured seaming for exceptional fit
  • Breathable stretch uppers and halter are soft and comfortable
  • Elastic Interface® Paris chamois
  • MARC 7 cm single layer leg bands include Silicone backing for extra gripping
  • Flatlock stitching

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